Every 30 seconds a pulse in the brush vibrations teaches your little one to brush each section of their mouth for the right amount of time. The brush powers off...
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Every 30 seconds a pulse in the brush vibrations teaches your little one to brush each section of their mouth for the right amount of time. The brush powers off after 2 mins when you?re done. The toothbrush head vibrates, rather than rotating or spinning, the sonic action effectively and gently brushing kids? teeth. Ideal for children with mixed baby and adult, or crooked teeth, the shorter bristles clean the tooth's surface and longer bristles reach between teeth and into the gum line. Use only KidzSonic replacement brush heads from Brush-Baby. Brush-Baby Go-Kidz and BabySonic replacement brush heads are not compatible. No need to recharge - battery-operated. Durable and hard-wearing, BPA-free and tested to EU standards. Packaging materials - PET/Cardboard - widely recycled. Product materials - ABS Plastic - recyclable. Nylon Bristles - not currently recyclable. DIRECTIONS. Always supervise your child at brushing time. Aim to brush at least twice a day, for 2 minutes. To use, wet the bristles and apply a pea-sized amounts of Brush-Baby toothpaste. Press the power button once to activate the LED light and again to turn on the vibration and 2 minute timer. Brush each section for 30 seconds - bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left - and move onto a new section when the brush pulses. Press the power button to turn off. To clean, rinse the brush head with water and leave to dry. Check before each use and replace brush head if damaged or when bristles become worn or splayed. Brush heads should be replaced minimum every 3 months and after illness, to avoid reinfection. To replace the battery, twist the base to remove the existing battery and replace. Replace base and twist until Brush-Baby logo is towards the front of the brush. Directions Designed for Children 3-6 years.Wet bristles and apply an appropriate amount of toothpaste. Press power button once for light and again to turn on the toothbrush. Clear teeth dividing mouth into 4 sections (upper, lower, left and right), move onto a new section when the brush pulses at 30 second intervals. Once all 4 sections have been cleaned press the button to turn the brush off. Safety Warning This product is not a toy, Adult supervision is required. Store out of children's reach. Box Contains 1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x AAA battery, 3 x replaceable brush heads. ✅ BEAT BRUSHING BATTLES AND MAKE BRUSHING FUN. The flashing disco lights, timer and pulse every 30 seconds encourage your child to have fun whilst they brush. If brushing is a chore, an electric toothbrush is a great alternative to a manual brush. | ✅ JUST LIKE MUMMY AND DADDY’S BRUSH. Lightweight handle and small brush head to perfectly fit little mouths. Ideal for kids who have gaps or crooked or missing teeth. Gently vibrating brush head and flossing bristles clean deep down between teeth. | ✅ GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. Just replace the brush head to keep using this brush. Battery-operated - unlike a rechargeable brush there's no need to wait - just replace the battery. Product and packaging materials are recyclable (apart from nylon bristles). | ✅ GIVE YOUR CHILDREN’S TEETH THE BEST START. Baby teeth have to fall out to make way for adult teeth to grow, and this process can take as long as 6 years, so healthy toothbrushing and flossing habits are essential during this time. | ✅ KEEPING YOUR LITTLE ONE'S SMILES HAPPY AND HEALTHY. Brush-Baby was inspired by a little girl who chewed her toothbrush! We know what it takes to give your babies, toddlers, young children and older kids the best start with their oral health.

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XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5
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